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Fond memories and reflective moments come naturally at Glen Eden. In all of Michigan there is no better setting for families to celebrate the life and memories of loved ones.

Glen Eden Community

A Dedication To Honoring Memories

The beauty of nature abounds throughout the year at Glen Eden. With seasonal flowers, towering oaks, the steadfast beauty of evergreens, and an abundance of wildlife, loved ones and family will find peace and tranquility at Glen Eden.

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Our online search feature can help you locate a relative or loved one buried at Glen Eden Memorial Parks.

Traditional Burial

Traditional BurialIndividual and family lots are available throughout our 140-acres of meticulously maintained grounds.

Our gardens are distinguished by enduring monuments with specific themes that reflect Christian life and inspiring spiritual characters. A lawn-level cast bronze memorial, which can be personalized, will provide a distinctive remembrance. A permanent bronze vase provides a way to beautifully display your fresh-cut and silk floral tributes.


MausoleumsAbove-ground burial is affordable for families at Glen Eden West. A variety of crypt configurations and styles are available including individual, companion and family crypts, in bronze, marble or granite.

The mausoleum’s numerous skylights bathe the interior with the soft glow of natural light. Fine architecture, the beauty of Italian marble and granite, and the radiant colors of stained glass achieve a setting of serenity and dignity.


CremationThe simplicity, dignity and affordability of cremation make it a choice among followers of many faiths. Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional burial plot, in a mausoleum niche in the niche plaza, or Garden of Grace cremation garden.

Constructed of the finest bronze, glass or marble, mausoleum niche spaces are truly enduring memorials. A glass niche can display personal mementos selected by you or your family, and allows for a truly personalized tribute. Permanent, bronze bud vases are available for flowers.


CenotaphCenotaph plaques memorialize loved ones whose remains are in a Glen Eden congregational crypt or outside of Glen Eden, anywhere. Cenotaphs are located in the Chapel Mausoleum and outside at the Memorial Flagpole. Chapel Mausoleum cenotaphs feature beautiful cast bronze plaques with your choice of an outdoor Michigan scene or an inspirational Christian message.

Cremated remains rest in a congregational crypt adjacent to the cenotaph. Outside, bronze cenotaphs surround the majestic elevated Memorial Flagpole which is bordered by bronze sculptures of police, firefighters, clergy and veterans.

Our Other Cemeteries

Glen Eden Memorial Parks offers three locations serving southeast Michigan

Glen Eden East

Glen Eden Memorial East

Glen Eden St. Clair

Glen Eden Memorial St. Clair

Eden Choice

Eden Choice

Glen Eden’s Memorial Advisors provide caring and professional guidance, fully and clearly explaining all of your options. We offer you the experience of having worked with virtually every family preference and individual situation. We’ll guide you through the selection process so you’ll feel certain you’ve made the choices that are right for you and your family.

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