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Memories Honored Through Christ

Founded in 1929 by a small group of Lutherans, Glen Eden Memorial has served the needs of Christian families with the highest standards of individual care and understanding.

Our Mission

Glen Eden Memorial Parks, administered by Evangelical Lutheran Churches of Southeast Michigan, will serve each customer individually and fully with Christian caring and the highest standards of excellence. By serving each customer, one at a time, Glen Eden will fulfill its vision of being the premier provider of bereavement services. Such levels of service, coupled with prudent management of the fiscal and physical resources of the cemeteries, will ensure their faithful religious, cultural, historical and environmental stewardship perpetually.


A blending of nature and art creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that comforts families visiting Glen Eden. Inspirationally designed landscaping, enduring monuments and the highest standards of architectural design create an inviting, spiritual oasis. A design of natural beauty, reflecting a closeness with nature, and so a closeness to God.

Beauty of Glen Eden
Heritage at Glen Eden


Everyone wants to be remembered. A permanent memorial acknowledges life and is a personal reflection of the life led. Christians strongly honor individuals and families and a permanent tribute provides future generations a setting to remember loved ones and preserve family history. Glen Eden’s promise is to endure throughout the generations.


Glen Eden offers Christian burial, entombment, and inurnment for people of all Christian faiths. Whether visiting weekly or dropping by on a trip from out of state, families are uplifted whenever they are able to stay connected to love ones at their Glen Eden Memorial.

More choices


Nowhere will you find more choices of the finest and most dignified memorial options for your loved one. Affordable alternatives, all clearly presented, will be made available for your caring and considered selections. We encourage your desire to create an enduring memorial that is both fitting and distinctive.

Our Cemeteries

Glen Eden Memorial Parks offers three locations serving southeast Michigan

Glen Eden Community

Glen Eden Memorial West

Glen Eden East

Glen Eden Memorial East

Glen Eden St. Clair

Glen Eden Memorial St. Clair

Find My Relative

Our online search feature can help you locate a relative or loved one buried at Glen Eden Memorial Parks.

Eden Choice

Glen Eden’s Memorial Advisors provide caring and professional guidance, fully and clearly explaining all of your options. We offer you the experience of having worked with virtually every family preference and individual situation. We’ll guide you through the selection process so you’ll feel certain you’ve made the choices that are right for you and your family.

Glen Eden Memorial Parks

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