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Wisdom of Preplanning

The Wisdom of Pre-planning

There are many important factors to consider when getting your estate plan in order. – You’ve done well if you’ve made sure your will and life insurance policies are up to date, but don’t forget to care about your family in their mourning by planning your memorial arrangements.

Your pre-arranging your final arrangements shows those you will leave behind that your care for them didn’t end when God called you home to heaven. This preplanning also assures committal choices and purchases are made with good thought and is one of the most considerate and practical plans you can make. You relieve your family of emotional and financial stress at their time of sadness, stress and grief. Your careful planning will pave the way for your family receiving the rites associated with your death.

Frequently asked questions regarding the benefits of pre-planning

I don't like to think about dying. Do I really need to plan for it now?

Planning ahead for beloved family and friends is certainly not a new concept. Perhaps the kindest and most loving reason to pre-plan your final arrangements is to relieve your family of making difficult decisions in their time of grief. And, when you pre-plan you can take the time to make decisions you are comfortable with, about the setting, the options and expense.

My family lives around the country, what's the point of a memorial here?

Every life is precious to God and to family and friends whom God has blessed through you. Your permanent memorial acknowledges that you are at rest in the peace of the ever-living God to awaken on the great day of Christ’s return. Their reflection on your family history will also gratefully anticipate a great reunion.

Will pre-planning be easier for my family?

Absolutely! Your family will have the confidence of knowing they have carried out your arrangements just as you had wanted. Pre-planning also helps avoid “emotional overspending,” a very avoidable financial hardship many families face when they are forced to make quick decisions in stressful situations.

Will pre-planning save me money?

Pre-planning protects your family from future price increases, conserving their financial resources. Zero interest financing is also available.

What happens to my money once I've pre-paid?

The only way to ensure your purchase is to pre-plan with a cemetery that places a portion of your grave, crypt or niche purchase in an endowment trust fund that pays for the perpetual maintenance of the cemetery and places the full purchase of your interment service in an escrow account to be accessed at the time of need. The principle of your interment service purchase plus interest is fully refundable.

Is a cemetery's religious affiliation important?

Often the truly spiritual setting of a religiously affiliated cemetery provides comfort as the beliefs and traditions held by your family are visually confirmed.

I'm planning on a cremation, do I still need a burial plan?

Cremation is a common choice for its simplicity, dignity and affordability. Yet there are still many decisions to be made regarding your memorialization. Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional burial plot or above ground in a mausoleum niche. Many families select a glass niche to display personal mementos for a truly personalized tribute. Lacking remains for interment, cenotaph plaques memorialize loved ones whose remains are located elsewhere. Affordable and permanent, a cenotaph plaque gives friends and family a place to visit and a focal point for remembrance.

Isn't my memorialization something my family is supposed to take care of?

A memorial is a personal reflection of one’s life. Pre-planning gives you and your family the time to think about and discuss the memorialization that will be most meaningful.

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