Seasonal Floral Tributes

Honoring Memories

Spring and Summer Decorations

Seasonal Tributes to Honor and Remember Loved Ones

Hold memories close with the warmth and beauty of floral tributes available from Glen Eden Memorial Parks.

24" Wreath

J-1414-RW $45

Red and White Rose Bouguet

24" Artificial Tree

J-1616-RWB $45

Red and Blue Rose Bouquet with American Flag

22" Artificial Cross

J-1808 $45

Purple, Pink and White Daisy Bouquet

Fresh Wreath

J-2305 $45

Sunflower and Daisy Bouquet

Winter Bouquet

J-2414 $45

Purple and Yellow Daisy Mix Bouquet

Winter Tree Vase

J-7099-C $30

Yellow Rosebud and Daisy Mix Crypt Bouquet

Winter Tree Vase

J-7099-N $20

Yellow Rosebud and Daisy Mix Niche Bouquet

Winter Tree Vase

J-7096-C $30

Purple Rose and Statice Mix Crypt Bouquet

Winter Tree Vase

J-7096-N $20

Purple Rose and Statice Mix Niche Bouquet

Ordering Decorations

If you would like to order the above decorations or if you have questions regarding the purchase of decorations or rules and regulations for their display, please contact our offices.

All purchases include sales tax.

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