Eden Choice

Dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized and caring service, while guiding families on thoughtful and appropriate choices in memorialization.

Eden Choice

Tailored assistance with individual choices is a hallmark of Glen Eden Memorial and our Eden Choice philosophy.

Our Memorial Advisors are experienced and caring professionals who clearly explain all the options available and help guide your most important decisions during difficult times.

Having worked with nearly every family preference and situation, our Eden Choice process will help you feel certain you’ve made the choices that are best for you and your family.

Knowledgeable Assistance

Our Memorial Advisors are experienced in both at-need, and pre-need options, and can help protect your family from unnecessary burdens during times of grief. Pre-planning your memorialization provides emotional and financial security and can save you the challenges of ever-increasing costs over time.

Whether you choose traditional burial, above ground entombment, or any of our cremation options, Eden Choice will help ensure you’re completely satisfied with your decision.

Contact one of our Memorial Advisors to learn more.

Our Cemeteries

Glen Eden Memorial Parks offers three locations serving southeast Michigan

Glen Eden Community

Glen Eden Memorial West

Glen Eden East

Glen Eden Memorial East

Glen Eden St. Clair

Glen Eden Memorial St. Clair

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